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7.5 Creatinine in Hypertensive Kidney Disease Is It Dangerous

2014-07-18 06:51

7.5 Creatinine in Hypertensive Kidney Disease Is It DangerousAfter getting diagnosed of 7.5 creatinine in Hypertensive Kidney Disease, patients may wonder if this disorder is dangerous. If you have similar doubt, please read this article to learn more useful information. Prefer to talking directly? Chat with our online doctor for free advice.

What does 7.5 creatinine in Hypertensive Kidney Disease mean?

This diagnosis indicates that patients have progressed to final stage renal disease with loss of most kidney function. At this point, the kidneys are unable to work adequately to sustain life. Left untreated, the disorder will be life-threatening.

How to effectively treat 7.5 creatinine in Hypertensive Kidney Disease?

So far, the most advanced development of treating this disorder is Blood Pollution Therapy. As a featured treatment of Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital, this remedy combines comprehensive blood purification technique with traditional Chinese medicine therapies.

On the basis of an accurate diagnosis of each patient’s illness situation, specific methods will be chosen to form the most suitable treatment procedure.

The whole treatment process of Blood Pollution Therapy mainly includes three parts, named remove blood stasis, supplement essential elements to the blood, repair the damaged kidneys and greatly raise the overall renal function. By taking this treatment, 7.5 creatinine in Hypertensive Kidney Disease will not aggravate in the future and symptoms can be relieved naturally.

Besides, other Chinese medicine treatments that can be used to manage Hypertensive Nephropathy also include Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, full bath therapy, foot bath, cycle therapy, enema, moxibustion, etc. Interested to learn more detailed introduction, please check Here

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