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How to Increase Low Hemoglobin Level in Kidney Failure

2014-01-25 08:39

How to Increase Low Hemoglobin Level in Kidney FailureHow to increase low hemoglobin level in kidney failure? This is a common question for kidney failure patients who have low hemoglobin level, and low hemoglobin level is also a common occurrence in kidney failure. And if the low hemoglobin cant be controlled effectively, it will cause severe anemia, which will cause dizziness, fatigue, faint or more severe complications.

Hemoglobin and kidney failure

Hemoglobin is a kind of protein which can help bring oxygen to the organs and other tissues in body. Besides, the normal blood circulation can make the hemoglobin stay in a normal range. However, once the kidneys are damaged, they cant excrete enough EPO to producing more red blood cells and hemoglobin. In this condition, the low hemoglobin level cant carry enough oxygens to the different organs as well as kidneys, which will cause further damage to kidneys and worsen the kidney condition.

How to increase hemoglobin level in kidney failure?

In order to increase the hemoglobin level in body, patients need to remedy their kidney damage and improve their blood circulation. Here we recommended blood pollution therapy to reach the two purpose.

Blood pollution therapy is created in 2013 which is experienced several years’ research. It can help normalize the blood circulation before treating kidney failure.

The blood pollution contains various methods such as plasma exchange and immune adsorption, which can remove the wastes and toxins in blood from body thoroughly. Meanwhile, blood pollution therapy can also bring some nutrition to blood, which can help improve the blood circulation.

In addition, we also recommend kidney failure patients to use some herbal medicines, which can help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve the kidney function. Through the systemic treatment, kidney failure patients can normalize their blood circulation and improve their kidney function. Then the low blood hemoglobin can be also increased as well.

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