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Treatment for Stage 4 Kidney Failure Patients other Than Dialysis

2014-01-28 01:26

Treatment for Stage 4 Kidney Failure Patients other Than Dialysis“ My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure, and he does not want to have dialysis. Can you tell me some other treatments for stage 4 kidney failure other than dialysis?” This is a question we received from our e-mail box In this article, we will help this patient to solve his illness problems, and we also hope other stage 4 kidney failure patients can get benefits.

Kidney failure is a kind of kidney disease with the kidney function gradually reduced, and stage 4 kidney failure means kidney function has been damaged severely, which may cause some serious symptoms such as proteinuria, blood urine, high blood pressure, swelling, anemia etc. All these will affect patients’ normal life, and if they don’t have effective treatment, they will quickly get into end stage kidney failure. And in that condition, they may have to live on dialysis or wait a kidney transplant.

In order to prevent end stage kidney failure, stage 4 kidney failure patients need to have some effective treatment to remedy their kidney damage, which can help prevent dialysis.

We recommend stage 4 kidney failure patients to have Chinese therapy to remedy their kidney disease, such as Chinese herbal hot compress therapy, medicated bath and foot bath. There are some benefits of using the systemic Chinese treatments.

- The therapy can help improve immunity system, which can help patients to prevent cold and infections.

- Some Chinese herbs can help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve the self-healing ability of kidney cells.

- The Chinese therapies can help improve blood circulation, which can help carry more oxygen and nutrition to kidneys, and improve kidney function.

- Through systemic treatment, stage 4 kidney failure patients can improve their kidney function and relieve their symptoms.

Because of the illness condition is different from case to case for stage 4 kidney failure patients, so the specific treatment for them will be different. If you want to get the detailed treatment for your kidney failure, you can send your test report to our email box. Our experts can help you make a specific treatment depending on your illness condition.

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