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What Should Patient Do If Their Creatinine Level Increased after Transplant

2016-08-22 17:06

What Should Patient Do If Their Creatinine Level Increased after TransplantIn fact, in the initial days after transplant, the creatinine level is always higher which will come down gradually and later on you will stay with very less drug dose. So if your creatinine level stays high after transplant, it is ok and no need to worry much about it. You should always remember to maintain your water intake regularly and not to stress out especially for the first 1 year. Any fluctuations in the reading for the first few months is quite normal. But if your creatinine level stay in high level for a long time, you need to see your doctor immediately.

What should patient do if their creatinine level increased after transplant?

Actually, once your creatinine level goes up, do not panic, you should make clear the undergoing reasons, then take corresponding measures. Elevation of the serum creatinine warrants further evaluation by his nephrologist. Urologic complication, transplant rejection, infection and drug toxicity needs to be ruled out. Several tests such as ultrasound, and blood work-up needs to be done. A gradual rise of creatinine over a longer period of time is a sign of chronic rejection. This is also associated with proteinuria. Biopsy may also be indicated.

Infection is the most serious threat for a Kidney recipient and hence avoid going into crowded place and keep a good personal hygiene. You should never miss the timing of your drug intake.

Make sure you have ample stock of drugs and do not forget to carry a few dose just in case you get stuck somewhere.

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