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Kidney Transplanted and Blood in Urine, What Should We Do

2017-06-16 10:01

Kidney Transplanted and Blood in Urine, What Should We DoIf the kidney transplanted patients have blood in urine, what should we do?

What does the blood in urine mean for a kidney transplanted patient?

The blood in urine may be caused by the infections or the kidney injury. If it is because of the infection, the patients must take the medicines to cure the infection as soon as possible, as the infection can lead to the kidney failure. In the meanwhile, the patients should monitor the plasma concentration and the renal function. If the blood in urine is the symptom of kidney damage, the patients are supposed to take an effective treatment to stop the injury of the kidney and to recover the renal function.

What treatment should the kidney transplanted patients receive?

Toxin-Removing Therapy can be used to help the patients eliminate the unwanted things which should be ejected by the kidney. It can clean the harmful immune complexes and complements in the body. It can take a great effect on protecting the kidney. Also, it is able to provide a healthy setting for the kidney to restore.

In addition, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy will make use of the natural herbs to extend the blood vessels, dispel the blood stasis, promote the blood circulation. And thus, the kidney self-repair ability will be enhanced. So that, the kidney will be renovated safely and gradually.

When the kidney is rebuilt, the blood in urine will disappear, and the patient can live a better life.

What should they take attention to?

For kidney transplanted patients, they would better to take a well-planned diet with low-salt, low fat, low-phosphorus, etc, and keep the healthy living style so as to prevent the kidney from injuring.

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