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How to Prevent Lupus Nephritis from Kidney Failure

2015-05-01 16:48

How to Prevent Lupus Nephritis from Kidney FailureHow to prevent Lupus Nephritis from Kidney Failure ? Lupus Nephritis is associated with systemic immune disorder. If uncontrolled effectively, Lupus Nephritis may aggravate into Kidney Failure gradually. If so, patients may have to accept kidney transplant or dialysis.

In general, the earlier the patients accept effective treatment, the better the curative effect can be achieved. Just like other types of chronic kidney disease, it usually takes relatively long time to progress into end stage kidney failure. The prompt treatment plan can stop the progression of Lupus Nephritis and reverse kidney damage timely.

Because the onset of Lupus Nephritis has a close link with immune disorder and the deposits of immune complexes in kidneys, the treatment plan should be able to regulate the immune system and remove immune complexes from the body. According to the characteristics of this disease, we would like to recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for these patients.

On one hand, this external application of traditional Chinese medicine can help combine, split and dissolve immune complexes from the body. As long as these immune complexes are eliminated out of the body, inherent kidney cells can be protected successfully. Additionally, some medicines which have the property of regulating the immune system is used to prevent the formation of immune complexes.

On the other hand, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help repair impaired kidney cells and rebuild kidney filtering structure. When kidneys can filter blood normally, patients don’t need to worry about the onset of kidney failure any more. Moreover, the whole treatment is based on natural herbs, so it has no much side effects.

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