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Can Polycystic Kidney Disease Patients Drink Coffee

2013-12-16 13:49

Can Polycystic Kidney Disease Patients Drink CoffeeCoffee, as a common drink, is favored by many people due to its many health efficacies. However, if people are diagnosed with kidney disease, they are suggested to keep far away from many foods and drinks. In this case, polycystic kidney disease patients are eager to know whether they still can drink coffee and if they do, what help will coffee do to their illness conditions?

As for this question, we can not give you the exact answer due to the difference of different person’s illness condition. But we can tell you what functions coffee have. You can depend on the following tips to know whether you can drink coffee.

1. Coffee has the function of diuresis.

Caffeine in the coffee can promote the function of kidney and excrete excess sodium in the body. This function of coffee will increase the amount of urination. Thus, patients with polycystic kidney disease are allowed to drink proper coffee so as to alleviate their edema. This is because kidneys can excrete excess water out of our body normally, but when they are unhealthy, it will lead to the retention of water. Under this circumstance, patients with kidney disease can drink some coffee to alleviate their edema to some extent.

2. Coffee can be used as a appetizer.

Polycystic kidney disease patients usually have poor appetite and do not want to eat anything. In this case, they will become even more fatigue than before due to lack of necessary nutrition. Due to this, patients can drink some coffee which contains caffeine. The caffeine has the function of promoting sympathetic nervous system and stimulating gastric secretion of stomach acid to promote digestion. Patients with polycystic kidney disease have a good appetite which is helpful for them to intake adequate necessary nutrition. Adequate necessary nutrition contributes to their illness condition so as not to aggravate their kidney disease.

3. Drinking coffee can eliminate tiredness to some extent.

Tiredness is a common symptom in polycystic kidney disease patients. Drinking some coffee is beneficial to alleviate tiredness. This is because if you want to eliminate tiredness, you have to supplement nutrition, have a good rest and sleep well as well as promote metabolic function. Coffee is only to have these functions.

Coffee has the above good functions, but it does not mean all kidney disease patients can drink it. In another word, if your medical report shows that you have lower calcium, you need not to drink too much coffee. Because some research indicates that caffeine has some relation with the decreased calcium and even can increase the lack of calcium. Patients are in this condition and they had better not drink coffee. Apart from this, if patients have poor sleep, they also should not drink coffee which is because coffee will produce a kind of substance called adenosine that makes someone excited and difficult in falling asleep.

Everything has two sides, good or bad, so is coffee. Whether you can drink coffee or not, it mainly depend on your medical conditions. What is more, too much or too little is both not helpful to your kidney disease, so before drinking it, you had better consult your nephrologist or directly consult our online doctor who will give you the answer.

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