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Can Microscopic Blood be Caused by Cyst in Kidney

2014-12-04 16:26

Can Microscopic Blood be Caused by Cyst in KidneyHi, i have a cyst in my left kidney that measures 1.4 cm have had it for about ten years and i always have in my urine sample microscopic blood can that be caused by the cyst in kidney ? Usually, the simple cyst will not cause any obvious symptoms, but that not mean it will not cause symptoms, so microscopic is possible caused by it.

Why blood in urine occurred ?

It is because there are lots of arteries under the cyst wall, when pressure increases or infections happen, the vessels may have rupture and hemorrhage because of the excessive traction. Waist pain is usually aggravated when blood in urine appears. The strenuous exercise, infections and wounds can induce or aggravate the blood in urine.

Actually, except blood in urine, it also may cause Proteinuria, High blood pressure, Decrease in kidney function and so on. If you want to know more details about Kidney Cyst, please click here http://www.kidney-support.org/kidney-cysts/

How to treat cyst in kidney ?

Usually, no treatment is needed as the cyst is less than 4 cm and without infection, malignant transformation or high blood pressure, but B ultrasound examination should be done regularly. Once the cysts grow big enough and cause some symptoms, we should take actions immediately.

The treatments for Kidney Cysts included Puncturing and draining, and surgery etc. The specific therapy depends on specific conditions. All of them are helpful in controlling the disease and they are the most common ways. Except that, there is another way that is Chinese Herb Medicine, which can shrink and inhibit the cysts in a natural way.

From the above we know that microscopic blood can be caused by cyst in kidney, and you should cure it in time. If you need any help in treating kidney cysts, do not hesitant to contact our online doctor or leave messages to us, we will try our best to help you.

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