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High Blood Pressure in PKD What are the Reasons and How to Lower It

2015-05-17 15:45

High Blood Pressure in PKD What are the Reasons and How to Lower ItHigh blood pressure in PKD what are the reason and how to lower it ? You know, PKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease) is a kind of genetic disease, with the disease goes worse more and more symptoms will occurred and high blood pressure is one of the most common ones.

Why blood pressure goes high in PKD ?

PKD is a kind of hereditary disease. It is featured with numerous cysts growing on the kidneys. These cysts can enlarge and oppress the normal kidney tissues, which makes kidneys ischemia and anoxic and secrete more rennin, so high blood pressure occurs. If the hypertension can not be controlled in time, it will keep aggravating kidney damage, and at this time, the serum creatinine level will increase, the pejorative condition makes the blood pressure keep increasing.

How to lower the high blood pressure caused by PKD ?

The key of treatment is to treat PKD, relieve the pressure that cysts to the kidney, prolong or block the development of renal fibrosis.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can expand renal artery, increase blood flow of kidney, improve the blood circulation, change the activity of cyst wall and increase the permeability, which can take the cyst fluids away and prevent the cyst wall cells secreting the cyst fluids and it can shrink the cysts from the root.

The active ingredient also is helpful for relieving the oppression that the cyst to surrounding kidney tissues and improve the state of hypoxic-ischemic, increase the vessel dilators, promote the blood circulation, which can make the blood pressure to be controlled gradually.

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