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How to Reduce Kidney Cysts in PKD

2013-10-25 17:39

How to Reduce Kidney Cysts in PKDKidney cysts is a characteristic of PKD. With the development of illness condition, cysts grow larger and larger, resulting in many secondary complications. If not controlling the cysts in time, it will cause kidney failure. Then how to reduce kidney cysts? It is the key to treating PKD.

Adverse symptoms of kidney cysts

- Blood urine

- High blood pressure

- Back pain

- Increased abdominal size

- Urinary tract infections

Medical removal of cysts

- Surgery—Kidney cysts can be reduced by inserting thin instruments through small holes in the abdomen. During surgery, the doctor first drains the cysts and then cuts or burns away the cyst itself.

- Aspiration and sclerotherapy—The doctor Inserts a long needle under the skin to puncture the cyst and drain the fluid. A strong medicine is then injected into the cyst to shrink it.

- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy—It is a natural remedy with few side effects. Its main content is Chinese medicine. After being crushed into powder, it is penetrated into the damaged kidneys through osmosis devices. The medicines have the functions of increasing permeability of cyst wall, reducing the ability of secreting fluid of lining cells and changing inner and outer pressure difference of cyst wall. Under the effects of medicine, cystic fluids in kidney cyst can flow out of the cyst easily. As long as fluid in cyst is reduced, kidney cyst is shrunk.

Diet tips for kidney cysts

- Ensure adequate fluid intake. In the early stage of PKD, drinking more water can lessen the chance of infection and remove more wastes from the body.

- Decrease sodium consumption in your diet. It can help maintain the urine and control high blood pressure.

- Proper intake of high quality protein to supplement the physical demand.

- Reduce foods such as coffee, alcohol, and soft drinks as these tend to hold onto fluid in the body.

Though there are not thorough treatment for reducing kidney cysts, we can adopt the above measures to shrunk the cysts. We should have confidence to fight with the disease. Keeping a good mood is also important. Best wishes!

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