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Can People with PKD Use Juniper Oil

2013-10-27 10:22

Can People with PKD Use Juniper OilCan people with PKD use juniper oil? Juniper oil is an oil extracted from the juniper plant, including the juniper berries and twigs. Juniper oil is widely used in our daily life. For example, it not only has a number of culinary uses, but also used as an alternative medicine in many cases. For people with PKD, a kind of kidney disorder marked by increasing fluid collection in kidney, it is said proper usage of juniper oil is helpful for their health. Is this true? Can people with PKD use juniper oil on earth?

As for the question we mentioned above, I’d like to say “Yes”. Juniper oil is excellent for anything that has to do with the kidneys and bladder. PKD is a genetic kidney problem that always causes urinary tract infection and kidney stone. Uncontrolled urinary tract infection will spread to kidney and bladder, thus causing kidney infection and bladder. Juniper oil is a diuretic which can help to increase the circulation through the kidneys and increase urine output. In this way, not only kidney infection, urinary tract infection and bladder infection can be prevented or alleviated effectively, some toxins in blood can be excreted with urine at the same time. Therefore, it is beneficial for PKD patients to use juniper oil to some extent.

Besides, PKD is a problem with increasing cysts in kidney. If left alone, these cysts will become larger and larger. Under such a condition, surrounding kidney tissues are oppressed and injured easily. When kidney intrinsic cells and kidney tissues are injured and fail to function properly, kidney function decreases. This is the reason why kidney function decreases with the increase and enlargement of kidney cyst. Therefore, for PKD patients, shrinking kidney cyst is very essential.

Juniper oil helps to prevent and treat PKD complications like urinary tract infection, but unfortunately, it can not shrink kidney cyst and prevent further kidney damages. Therefore, PKD can not be cured simply by using juniper oil. As for the treatment that can help to shrink kidney cyst, Chinese medicine like micro-Chinese medicine is recommended. Chinese medicines have been used to treat lots of refractory illnesses in medicine and some of them have been proven to be able to reduce fluid inside the cyst. In this way, kidney cyst can be shrunk and PKD can be stopped effectively.

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