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What are the Effective Treatments of Kidney Cysts

2016-10-05 16:08

What are the Effective Treatments of Kidney CystsIn general, the simple kidney cysts will not cause any obvious symptoms, thus no particular treatment is needed. While the appearance of obvius symptoms usually is accompanied by the impaired kidney function. So as a patient with kidney cysts you should pay high attention to the treatment of this disease.

What are the effective treatment of kidney cysts?

Traditional treatments

The puncturing and draining will be done as cyst becomes large. A long and thin needle is required to pierce through the skin so as to drain the fluids, and then alcohol solution is injected to prevent it from reforming.

People who are locally infected or have serious hemorrhage are not recommended to receive this therapy. Meanwhile, complications may be presented after the treatment, such as bleeding, infections, traumatic renal cyst or pneumohemothorax etc.

Puncturing together with draining, and then antibiotics are adopted.

This approach is suitable for those whose cysts are larger than 4cm and also complicated with capsular infections.


Surgery is needed as above two treatments fail. In addition, surgery will be adopted when malignant transformation is suspected. Renal cyst unroofing or nephrectomy is the tow common types of surgery.

Chinese Medicine

Except those traditional treatment, there is another effective treatment, which can treat kidney cysts without make further damage to the kidneys, what’s more, it won’t bring any pain to the patient. One of the most famous treatment is known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, it can treat this disease by shrinking the size of the cysts and inhibiting the growth of the cysts.

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