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How to Shrink Cysts for Patients with PKD

2016-10-16 15:40

How to Shrink Cysts for Patients with PKDMost often, kidney cysts exist in the epithelial cells of renal tubule and are filled by fluid. In the early stage, these renal cysts usually won’t cause any symptoms. Over time, enlarged ones will grow out of the nephron and some symptoms such as back or side pain, hematuria, proteinuria and headache may occur easily.

How to treat kidney cyst in PKD?

To control the back pain, hematuria or proteinuria, some doctors will prescribe some medicines to their patients. However, these complications relapse easily, because the renal cysts still keep a rapid speed of growing, that is to say, these medicines can’t shrink renal cysts for patients with PKD. So the patient has to take some unique therapies to treat this disease.

What treatment is helpful for shrinking cysts in PKD?

According to the growing position and the structure of renal cysts, Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy aims at shrinking these renal cysts using some herbal medicines. In the world, there are hundreds of herbal medicines and each of them can have different function. The experts use some of them which can improve the permeability of the renal cyst wall to make the fluid absorbed by the renal tubule. Besides, use some other herbal medicines to block the source of fluid filling renal cysts. After a period of treatment, these cysts can be shrunk or at least stop growing. In view of this, we can know that patients with PKD can still live healthier and longer with renal cysts.

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