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Can Chinese Medicine Help PKD Patients Avoid Kidney Transplant

2017-07-02 15:44

Can Chinese Medicine Help PKD Patients Avoid Kidney TransplantPKD, Polycystic kidney disease, is a kind of genetic renal disorder in which the patients have many sufferings. And the common treatments including dialysis and kidney transplant have so many disadvantages. When they heard of Chinese medicine, they will ask that “Can Chinese medicine help PKD patients avoid kidney transplant?

For PKD patients, the unnumbered cysts growing in the kidney will induce kidney damage, infection, liver cysts and so on. Therefore, various wastes and toxins which should be eliminated by the kidney will be retained in the body bit by bit due to the lowered renal function. And then, the patients will be ill with headache, vomiting, poor appetite and other clinical symptoms.

Kidney transplant is to put a suitable kidney into the body to replace the disease one so as to the patients can excluded the unwanted things by themselves. But, the cysts have a strong pollution force, which means that the patients may have trouble with PKD again after kidney transplant. Besides, the patients have to take anti-rejection medicines in the rest of their life after transplant. Hence, the PKD patients want to accept another treatment to refuse kidney transplant.

Chinese medicine including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, Toxin-Removing Therapy, Full Bath Therapy, Moxibustion Therapy, Immunotherapy and other therapies makes use of herbs to treat the patients from root with less side effects. It can help the PKD patients inhibit the cysts in the kidney, drive out the various toxins and wastes, protect the kidney from injuring, enhance immunity and kidney self-healing ability and take other actions. Later, the damaged renal cells and tissues will be repaired gradually and safely.

When the kidney is restored, the symptoms will be remitted, the PKD patient will have a better life, and the patients do not need kidney transplant.

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