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Is There Any Cure of PKD without Dialysis or Kidney Transplant

2017-07-30 15:42

Is There Any Cure of PKD without Dialysis or Kidney TransplantPKD, polycystic kidney disease, is a genetic renal disorder in which the kidney is fulled with cysts. Also, the patients will have some complications of PKD. However, is there any cure of PKD without dialysis or kidney transplant?

For the sake of curing the PKD, we must know how PKD appears clearly.

As the PKD is chromosome inherited disease, it can not be healed thoroughly. What is worse, the cysts have a strong pollution ability, which means the cysts will come out in other organ of the body and the new kidney. Therefore, the patients want to get a cure of PKD.

Why the patients are eager to accept other treatments instead of dialysis or kidney transplant?

Kidney transplant is the last method to save the PKD patients. As we all know, it is very hard to gain the matching and healthy kidney to replace the damaged one. Besides, the patients have to take immunosuppressive drug in the rest of their life after transplant. The one reason that the patients do not want to take dialysis is that kidney transplant will be the only option for them with long-term dialysis. Moreover, dialysis can also lead to many sufferings such as weakness, infection, itching skin and so on.

What treatments can help the PKD patients?

First at all, the patients are supposed to take the healthy living habits and foods as a basis of the comprehensive treatment of PKD.

Furthermore, Toxin-Removing Therapy should be accepted so as to obliterate all toxins and wastes deposited in the body, limit the cysts from developing and offer a advance surrounding for the kidney to renovate naturally.

Meanwhile, the patients also need to do Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy, Cycle Therapy or Mai Kang Mixture in order to repair the injured but not dead cells of the kidney. Later, the renal function will be improved bit by bit with less side effects.

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