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Is There a Cure for PKD

2013-12-02 09:32

is there a cure for PKDIs there a cure? PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) is a kidney problem that is related with gene, so people who has relatives suffering from PKD run a certain risk for this problem. PKD is marked by fluid-filled cysts in kidney which can damage surrounding kidney tissues by putting extra oppress on them. Therefore, if PKD is left alone, kidney function will keep decreasing to kidney failure or uremia. In old days, there is no effective treatment for PKD at all; however, these years, with the rapid development of medical technology, there is an obvious improvement in treating PKD.

A natural cure is all that PKD patients want. With natural cure, PKD patients can have a high quality life. More importantly, they can live as longer as other people. But unfortunately, at present there is no cure for PKD. We know PKD is a genetic kidney problem. In this illness, due to the abnormal gene, lots of cysts that are filled with fluid appear in kidney. With the increase of cystic fluid, cysts and kidney become larger and larger. Large cyst ruptures easily, so with big kidney cyst. PKD patients need to be very careful about their physical activities and try to avoid movements that need them to twist their waist and sports that may cause drastic knock on their kidney location. At present, there is no cure for PKD, but this does not mean what PKD patients can do is to wait for dialysis or kidney transplant.

In PKD, kidney damages are caused due to increasing and enlarged kidney cysts, so as long as kidney cysts are shrunk effectively, further kidney damages can be avoided and residual kidney function can be protected. According to this theory, Chinese medicines are applied to find a better treatment for PKD and facts proved that PKD indeed can be stopped with some Chinese medicines. For PKD patients, as long as PKD is stopped, dialysis and kidney transplant are avoided. In medicine, there are lots of Chinese medicines that can be used to help PKD patients and with different illness, different Chinese medicines are suggested. If you are a patient of PKD and want to know what medicines are suitable for you, you can send your test report to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. Our nephrologists will help to analyze your illness and give you some treatment suggestions.

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