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Treatment to Drain 60 mm Kidney Cyst for PKD Patients

2013-11-15 09:09

Treatment to Drain 60 mm Kidney Cyst for PKD PatientsFor healthy adults, their kidneys are usually 10-12cm in length, 5-6cm in width and 3-4cm in thick. 60mm, or 6cm, of kidney cyst is nearly as big as half of one whole kidney, so it is more likely to cause some symptoms such as back pain and hypertension. Well, how to drain 60 mm kidney cyst for PKD patients?

So far, even though no specific treatment can correct the abnormal genes for PKD patients, we do have some treatment options to shrink large and symptomatic kidney cyst. Some of treatments aim to drain sac fluid within cystic walls directly, while some others begin with changing the cyst structure, protecting kidneys and improving circulatory system, thus discharging sac fluid gradually.

Different treatments are suitable for different patients. If you are experiencing tormenting symptoms caused by your large PKD cyst, you can consult the online doctor directly to determine a safe and effective treatment plan.

Here, we would like to firstly introduce two treatment options, so you can have an overall understanding about different types of therapies.

1. Surgery: With the guidance of ultrasound, doctors use a long needle to puncture large kidney cyst by inserting through the skin. Then, fill the empty pouch with substances that contain alcohol. This can reduce the chance of kidney cyst recurrence. However, with more space, small kidney cysts will grow more quickly. Then, patients may need to do surgery again and again.

2. Herbal remedies: Oral herbal medicines, medicated bath, acupuncture, etc, are commonly combined to treat PKD. Through regulating circulation system and increasing the permeability of cystic walls, sac fluid in PKD cysts can be eliminated from the body via urine gradually. With the help of effective medicines, it can help inhibit the growth of all kidney cysts.

Surgery and herbal remedies represent two types of treatment options. No matter which one you are interested about, you can tell us by leaving a message to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. We are glad to share more useful informations.

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