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GFR 14 and Creatinine 480 How to Treat PKD Aside From Dialysis

2017-12-28 15:41

GFR 14 and Creatinine 480 How to Treat PKD Aside From DialysisMedically, both GFR 14 and creatinine 480 shows the kidneys have been damaged badly that various of toxins and wastes deposited and also illnesses appear. In a general way, the patients at this case are already in the end stage of kidney disease when dialysis is required. But, how to treat PKD with GFR 14% and creatinine 480 aside from dialysis?

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD), a special kidney damage in which abnormal cysts are growing on the kidneys due to the hereditary factor. And GFR 14 stands for Glomerular Filtration Rate, a following rate of the filtered fluid through kidneys, is only 14ml/min (normal range is about 80-120ml/min). In the meanwhile, creatinine level will go up to 480umol/L since the kidney is damaged more than 85%.

Back to the treatment, you know, the patients must control their diets in order to reduce the further damage of the kidneys, though this can not help drive out toxins and repair kidneys. Thereby, Toxin-Removing Therapy is needed to not only clean up the internal environment, but also dispel the discomforts naturally and effectively.

As a matter of fact, only when the kidney is restored, can the patients return to the normal life. What we can do for the patients is to promote the blood circulation, dispel the blood stasis, diminish the cysts by adsorbing the fluid in cysts, renovate the diseased renal inherent cells and tissues, etc. By this way, the kidney function will also be improved with certain natural treatments such as Immunotherapy, Cupping Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy and others. Simultaneously, with a strengthened kidney, the GFR is increased, creatinine 480 is dropped down and the dialysis can be avoid successfully.

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