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How to Shrink Kidney Cyst with PKD

2014-02-17 01:10

How to Shrink Kidney Cyst with PKDAs kidney cyst can suppress surrounding kidney tissues and other parts in the kidney, these parts and tissues are unable to get sufficient blood and nutrition. As time passes away, these tissues will be necrotic and lose functions. What is worse, cyst can grow larger and increase, which leads that more tissued and parts are suppressed. PKD will be more and more severe if cyst continues to grow. So it is very important to shrink cyst for patients with PKD. How to shrink cyst with PKD? Here we will make an introduction for you.

Why can cyst increase ?

First of all, let us get a general understanding of causes of cyst growing.

Walls of cyst consist of lining cells, which is able to secrete and absorb cystic fluids. Due to PKD, genes in lining cells have changed, which leads to more secretion and less absorption of cystic fluids. Thus, cystic walls become weak and fluids in cyst can extrude cystic wall´╝î making cyst larger. Larger cyst has bad effects on the kidney function and lead to many problems, such as high blood pressure, blood in the urine and protein in the urine.

How to shrink cyst with PKD?

Cyst with PKD is mostly treated with the method of taking medicines to alleviate symptoms caused by PKD. Nevertheless, This way cannot prevent cyst from increasing and enlarging, continuously leading to deterioration of kidney function.

In recent years, clinical practice shows that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is very effective to treat cyst with PKD. TCM can enhance permeability of cystic wall, which makes cystic fluids easy to flow out. And some compositions of TCM promote lining cells to absorb fluids, making fluids in cyst decrease. In this way, the goal of shrinking cyst is achieved.

TCM plays a vital role in treating PKD and shrinking cyst. What is more, it can contribute to slowing down kidney damage and recovering kidney function.

From the above, we know that increasing and enlarging cyst does much harm to kidney function. If this situation is not prevented, kidney function will be lost completely. Patients with PKD can shrink cyst and alleviate kidney damage by TCM.

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