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The Most Important Indicator For Kidney Patient

2018-09-20 09:36

When you have kidney problem,you always should do some tests to verify your condition.The most important indicators are the creatinine level and urea nitrogen ,that can reflect the kidney situation.What is the clinical significance of the urea nitrogen test, which is a very important indicator included in the renal function test. Creatinine and urea nitrogen are equally important in the indicating of renal function.

Urea nitrogen is the main end product of human protein metabolism. Amino acid deamination produces NH3 and C02, both of which synthesize urea in the liver and metabolize urea 0.3g per gram of protein. The nitrogen content in urea is 28 / 60, almost half. Generally, the kidney is the main organ for urea excretion. Urea can be reabsorbed in all sections of tubules after filtration from glomeruli, but the faster the flow rate of urine in tubules, the less reabsorbed.i.e. the maximum clearance rate is reached. As with creatinine, blood urea nitrogen can be in the normal range at the early stage of renal damage. When the glomerular filtration rate drops below the normal 50 %, the blood urea nitrogen concentration rises rapidly. Under normal circumstances, the BUN / SCR value is about 10. high protein diet, high catabolism, water shortage, renal ischemia, insufficient blood volume and some acute glomerulonephritis, can increase the ratio, even up to 20 – 30. However, low protein diet and liver diseases often reduce the ratio, which can be called hypoazotemia.

The BUN of normal adults is 2.86 – 7.14 mmol / L on an empty stomach. All kinds of renal parenchymal diseases, such as glomerulonephritis, interstitial nephritis, acute and chronic Renal failure, occupying and destructive lesions in the kidney, can increase blood urea nitrogen. Multiple extrarenal factors can also cause elevated blood urea nitrogen. If extrarenal factors can be excluded, BUN, 21.4 mmol / L ( 60 mg / D1 ) is one of the diagnostic indicators of Uremia.

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