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Through Urine Test We Can Know More Information

2018-10-06 10:41

To most kidney patients through the urine test we can know many detailed information ,especially to the gross hematuria :

1. The onset is often hidden, the exact course of the disease is not easy to break, and the clinical symptoms have no obvious characteristics.

2. Abnormal urine test: Microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria single attack, urine protein <2.0g/24hr.

3. No hypoproteinemia, normal renal function, no hypertension.

4. pathology: Pathological changes vary in severity, from mild mesangial proliferative lesions, FSGS to glomerular sclerosis. In addition to IgA, mesangial area deposits often have IgG, which can cause vasospasm deposition. Interstitial lesions are mild to moderate. But there is no extensive hardening.

5. Repeated episodes of gross hematuria (R-GH):

1. Recurrent episodes of gross hematuria, can be fresh or old, the number of times ≥ 2 times. A few hours before the onset (no longer than 24 hours) there are pre-existing infections (mostly upper, or cholecystitis or diarrhea), and there may be backache and abdominal pain during the attack.

2. There may be persistent urinalysis abnormalities during gross hematuria, but urine protein is generally <1.5g/24h, up to 2.0g/24h. No obvious hypoproteinemia, normal or mild renal abnormalities.

3. The age of onset is mostly young.

4. pathology: In the month of gross hematuria, a segmental cellular crescent (<10%) was seen, and no necrosis was observed. The ball is less hardened, the interstitial lesions are lighter, and there are no serious vascular lesions.

(1) crescents (Cres. IgA-N):

(2) Large amount of proteinuria (MP)

(3) Hypertension type (HT)

(4) End-stage renal failure (ESRD):

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