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Is Analgestic Effective To Alleviate Pain For Gout Patients

2018-12-24 08:29

Now people's living standard has improved, big fish and big meat is inevitable, but people's physical examination recently found that gout caused by high uric acid in some people, and every year is rising.

Acute attack of gout, often causing pain throughout the body, the pain is difficult to endure, they tend to increase pain relief, symptoms are not alleviated.

In fact, the pain degree of gout is related not only to the level of uric acid in the blood, but also to individual conditions, especially obese friends.

Studies have shown that body mass index is related to the analgesic effect of gout drugs. The higher the body mass index, the worse the effect of the same dose of analgesic drugs.

The duration of medication was also associated with pain relief.The later the medication, the worse the analgesic effect.Within 24 hours after the onset of gout, try to use the drug within 17 hours, the effect is better, that is, more than 24 hours after the use of painkillers will be reduced.

What's more, if the acute attack, but also in eating and drinking, continue to drink, eat high purine food, and so on, the effect of the drug should be discounted.

In order to reduce uric acid in addition to the treatment of drugs, daily life should also pay attention to the following points:

Patients with high uric acid are advised to avoid foods high in purine, such as seafood (deep-sea fish, lobster, crab), animal offal, and beans, such as peas, beans, lentils, and so on.

To will be reduced to normal levels of uric acid in the body, can drink a little at ordinary times life hui chicory gardenia compound bacterium fermentation drink, it is mainly composed of six kinds of medicine edible Chinese herbal medicine (chicory, gardenia, mulberry leaf, puerarin, lily, stigma), have diuresis detumescence, heat-clearing and detoxifying, and promote the role of uric acid eduction, and it is a yeast after probiotic fermented liquid, than bubble drink, directly effect more apparent.

Have again, want to insist to strengthen exercise at ordinary times, can take exercise everyday more than half an hour, want to avoid stay up late at the same time and excessive strain wait.

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