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Does Urine Occult Blood Mean Nephritis?

2018-12-25 09:24

Urine occult blood is one of the three methods to detect the presence of red blood cells in urine.Compared with the other two methods, the results of urine occult blood are the least accurate, which is related to its detection principle.Urine occult blood is judged by the discoloration of the test paper.In addition to red blood cells, if there is myoglobin, hemoglobin in the urine, or even a large amount of vitamin C before the urine test, it may cause discoloration of the test paper and be misjudged as "hematuria".Therefore, a positive urine occult blood test does not necessarily mean the presence of red blood cells in the urine, but only indicates to the doctor that further examination may be required.

In addition to urine occult blood test, flow urinalysis and erythroscopy are also important methods for the detection of urinary erythrocytes.

Urocyte.Counting red blood cells by machine is more reliable than urine occult blood, but with some error.For example, if some of the components in urine are the same size and shape as red blood cells, they may be mistaken for red blood cells in the count.Clinically, if it indicates that there are more than 0-25 red blood cells/microliter, the number of red blood cells in urine can be basically judged as excessive.

Erythroscopy.The doctor used a high power microscope to determine if the red blood cells in the specimen exceeded the limit.If the number of red blood cells in microscopic examination exceeds the limit, hematuria is confirmed.

Excessive urine red blood cells:

If the red blood cells in urine are confirmed by multiple methods, it indicates that the patient may have kidney or urinary system diseases.Such as nephritis, urinary stones or space-occupying lesions, urinary tract infection.This needs to go to nephrology or urology department further examination, clear reason.

When urine protein and urine red blood cells are positive at the same time, it indicates that patients are more likely to have kidney disease, especially nephritis.

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