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After Three Diagnoses You Can Know Exactly Your Condition

2018-11-26 10:01

Someone often thinks if you have got the kidney disease ,It’s no wonder that kidney disease can’t be cured. These three diagnoses were not made.After the diagnosis then you can know exactly whether your kidney condition can be cured.

Every patient with chronic kidney disease can be diagnosed in three ways:

1. Clinical diagnosis

2. Pathological diagnosis

3. TCM Syndrome differentiation

First, it is clinical diagnosis;

In clinical practice, if a patient’s urine test shows hematuria and albuminuria and lasts more than 3 months, the nephrologist will tell you this is ” chronic nephritis“.

In fact, ” chronic nephritis” is not an accurate description, and it should be classified as ” glomerular disease” in medical science more accurately, which is different from ” tubulointerstitial disease”.

Second, it is pathological diagnosis;

Refers to the use of puncture needles to penetrate the living kidney tissue, take out a small amount of kidney tissue and make pathological analysis.

Pathological diagnosis is not necessary. Because it is traumatic and expensive, the treatment plan often remains after kidney puncture. Therefore, it is generally necessary to perform renal puncture when proteinuria+ is uncontrollable or renal function is impaired for unknown reasons.

There may be a few hospitals or doctors who require kidney puncture before starting treatment, otherwise no treatment will be given. Individuals do not recommend this, relying too much on kidney biopsy. Of course, when the pathological type of kidney needs to be defined, the effect of kidney biopsy is obvious.

Third,it is TCM Syndrome differentiation;

Nowadays more and more kidney patients are interested in the TCM treatment,for it is effective to their condition and no any side effect to their health.According to the following diagnosis we can know exactly your kidney condition.

There are 10 common TCM syndromes of chronic kidney disease:

1. Deficiency of Qi and Yin;2. Damp – heat stagnation;3. Yin deficiency of liver and kidney;4. Heart and blood deficiency;5. Qi deficiency of lung and kidney;6. Qi deficiency of spleen and kidney

7. Spleen and kidney yang deficiency;8. Cold and dampness trapped in spleen;9. Qi stagnation and blood stasis;10. Qi stagnation and dampness stagnation.

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