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Some Reasonable Methods Can Help You Reverse Kidney Function

2018-12-09 08:39

Once you have kidney disease,the doctor always tell you that it is very hard to reverse your kidney function,then you often feel despaired to your future.But now as the development of medical technology more and more information can help you reverse your kidney function,the following i will show you what should be done for you to reverse the kidney function.

The first: Control body weight and reduce kidney burden

Most adult patients with kidney disease are not very qualified in weight control, and obesity is now a common health problem. The most direct impact of obesity or overweight is that it can easily lead to elevated blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar, increase albuminuria, lead to obese nephropathy, damage renal function and accelerate uremia. Therefore, overweight patients must lose weight properly.

The second: Maintaining stable blood pressure can reverse necrotic renal cells.

The damage of renal function is the result of long-term accumulation. For example, patients with hypertensive nephropathy often have a history of hypertension for more than 10 years, and long-term unstable blood pressure leads to nephropathy. Therefore, in order to avoid further deterioration of renal function and even reverse some necrotic cells, it is necessary to keep the blood pressure level stable for a long time. Long – term high blood pressure damages the blood arteries of the kidney. If the blood pressure level drops, the blood vessel pressure in the kidney can be reduced and some functions can be restored.

The third: Avoid infection and other factors that may cause recurrence

Some kidney patients were in a mild state of illness, but because they did not pay attention to treatment and protection, they relapsed often, resulting in an increasingly serious state of illness and even renal failure for a period of time. Diabetic nephropathy can also cause renal insufficiency, and it is one of the serious complications of Diabetes. The kidney of the patient is seriously damaged and the renal function is decreased, resulting in the occurrence of renal insufficiency.

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