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Some Signals For Diabetes Patients Must Be Cared

2018-12-09 09:01

To most diabetes patients they should always caution the complications which will threaten their lives,or even damage other organs such as kidney and lead to the uremia.Then as a kidney doctor i will show you some signals to be attention.

Three signals predict Diabetes complications! The most serious can cause uremia

01.Diabetic Nephropathy – Urine protein Positive

The presence of proteinuria indicates problems with filtration of renal glomeruli and reabsorption of renal tubules, and large amounts of proteinuria can aggravate damage to these two tissues, leading to worsening renal function. Therefore, diabetes patients must have a urine test and kidney function test regularly every six months in order to find out early and treat early.

02.Diabetic ocular fundus pathology – blurred vision

Diabetic nephropathy is one of the serious complications of diabetic patients. There are two main situations:

First, there is a pathological change in the retina, which is due to the damage to the retinal capillary wall caused by diabetes and the hypercoagulable state of the blood, resulting in decreased vision and even blindness in severe cases. The more severe the patient’s condition, the older the patient is, the higher the incidence rate will be.

Second, cataracts, when they occur in teenagers, usually occur in both eyes and develop rapidly. It will also happen to the elderly and will speed up the clouding of the lens.

03.Diabetic Foot Disease – Color Change of Foot Skin

If your feet look pale and feel cool, and the color of your feet turns dark purple, your feet are in a state of anoxia and ischemia. If sugar friend has severe foot ischemia, it is a sign of foot disease.

In addition, patients with dizziness, headache, facial tightness and other symptoms should be alert to vascular diseases. If you have numbness of limbs, especially obvious symptoms at night, be alert to nervous diseases and so on.

The key point to remind diabetes patients is to pay attention to the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy. Because with the increase in the number of diabetic patients, diabetic nephropathy has now become the second cause of end-stage kidney disease ( uremia ), after all kinds of glomeruloNephritis.

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