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Nephropathy Can Be Diagnosed By Urine Test

2018-12-02 10:04

Nephropathy usually has a long onset period and is sometimes hidden. Many patients have been diagnosed with nephrosis when they go to the hospital for examination of urine,that means the urine can reflect your kidney condition effectively.

Urine is a major indicator of kidney health. Pay attention to your own kidney health. First of all, pay attention to urine and identify the following situations:

There are bubbles in the urine: Under normal circumstances, the tension of urine is low and bubbles are not easily formed.

The color of urine is a little red. The red urine is not always hematuria, and some medicines and foods may also cause the urine to turn red. However, under normal circumstances, if urine is found to be red or brown, you should be alert to the possibility of hematuria, especially after cold, sore throat and skin infection.

Often get up to go to the toilet at night: Without too much drinking water, if the number of urination at night increases, it may be a sign of impaired function of kidney concentrated urine.

Fewer urine than before: If the amount of urine in a day is significantly lower than in the past under the condition of normal drinking water and no large amount of sweating, be careful that the kidney function has been impaired.

Frequent micturition, urgent micturition and painful micturition: These symptoms are common manifestations of urinary tract infection. If they affect parts of the upper urinary tract, they may cause soreness of the waist or fever.Then from the symptoms above you can know about your kidney condition,and if you have any questions about the urine test please contact us through the following message:


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