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The Correct Knowledge About Immunity Should Be Cared For Common Person

2018-11-20 08:55

The general person often think the strong immunity is very good to everyone and can help them resist many kinds of bacteria and virus.Then as a doctor i want to share something helpful with you about the immunity.The stronger the immunity, the better? But it is not the case, the immunity of patients with kidney diseaseneeds to be adjusted like this

Patients think whether they have eaten something called immunosuppressive agent in the course of treatment. Many sick people think that it enhances immunity, but in fact, it lowers it.

Of course, immunity should be properly enhanced during non-treatment period. In addition, if ordinary people have too much immunity, they will go to the other extreme – immunity to everything, that is, allergy.

Drug Abuse

Patients often ask me what medicine they can take to improve immunity, and some patients do have low immunity at a certain stage, but it will not last for a long time, and most do not need to take medicine.

At present, the commonly used methods for enhancing immunity, including vaccination, gamma globulin injection or antibody injection, are very effective, but most doctors are very cautious and do not want patients to do so. With the help of foreign objects, the immunity will be improved temporarily, but if you use more, the immunity will only drop more seriously.

Take vitamin C

There is nothing wrong with this, but many patients think that VC is the only way to improve immunity. In addition to vitamin C, many other nutrients play an important role in the immune function of the human body and can improve the anti-infection ability of the body, especially antioxidant nutrients such as beta – carotene, vitamin E and vitamin B 6. In addition, zinc, selenium, copper and iron can also improve immunity, but they should be used carefully for patients with kidney disease.

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