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Kidney Shrink the Common Reasons and Treatment of It

2014-11-09 16:16

Kidney Shrink the Common Reasons and Treatment of ItKidney shrink may occur in left or right kidney, or both of them. Some people is born with smaller kidney, but some are induced by disease. Today i will share you some information about the common reasons and treatment of kidney shrink, hoping it can help you to know this disease clear.

The average normal sizes of kidney should be 10 ~ 12 cm long; 5 ~ 7 cm wide; 3 ~ 5 cm thick. So if your kidney is smaller than the normal level, you should pay attention to it, that may indicate your kidneys have been damaged in some way.

Long-term kidney disease will damage the renal tissues, especially the glomeruli, thus induce kidney shrink. So when people get kidney insufficiency, especially Kidney Failure and Uremia, the serum creatinine level and urea nitrogen will increase, then the kidney will be damaged serious, thus induce kidney shrink. Besides renalis phthisis, renal artery stenosis and Congenital renal dysplasia also can cause renal shrink.

For people with smaller kidney, they should pay high attention to it. Because only the GFR is lower than 50%, the symptoms like renal shrink will occurs. In one word, Renal atrophy is closely related to long-term kidney disease. Renal atrophy and renal function changes are complementary to each other, when there is kidney atrophy patients are already or will inevitably appear renal dysfunction and renal failure, uremia.

When people got Kidney Shrink, they should take actions immediately to prevent this disease goes worse. As we all know after the kidney shrink it is hard to reverse, but with the help of proper treatment, the kidney function can be improved. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the effective therapies, it is the unique therapy of Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital, with the help of it, more and more people have back to normal life.

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