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How to Remove Protein in Urine with Kidney Disease

2013-09-29 11:01

How to Remove Protein in Urine with Kidney DiseaseHow to remove protein in urine with kidney disease? In normal condition, no protein can be detected in our urine, as kidneys can help us preserve protein in our body while filtering blood. However, when kidney function is affected or kidney tissues are injured for some reason, excess protein leak into and thus form proteinuria. Usually, the more protein in urine, the severer the illness condition is. Well then, how to remove protein in urine with kidney disease?

Why kidney disease patients release protein in urine?

In normal condition, there is no protein in our urine, or we can say there is very small quantity of protein in our urine. For kidney disease patients, if they want to remove protein in urine effectively, they need to find out how these proteins are released into urine and then take some measures based on the its causes. Only in this way, can proteinuria problem be resolved.

In our kidneys, glomerular filtration membrane takes charge of filtering blood and it works through mechanical barrier and charge barrier. During this process, protein can be preserved in blood. Whereas, waste products like creatinine and urea nitrogen are discharged with excess fluid. For kidney disease patients, they release protein in urine when this membrane is damaged and fail to perform filtration function properly.

How to remove protein in urine with kidney disease?

Since protein leak into urine as glomerular filtration membrane is damaged severely, so only when this membrane is repaired effectively, can protein in urine be removed radically. To achieve this goal, Chinese medicines are always applied as they have been proven to be able to activate injured kidney intrinsic cells. Different Chinese medicines will be used in medicine and this is based on the specific illness condition.

Besides, to receive satisfactory treatment effects, kidney disease patients also need to bring all the symptoms like high blood pressure, proteinuria and anemia under control. Medicines like ACE inhibitors, ARBs and Erythropoietin Stimulating Agents are always used to deal with these problems.

Also, with protein in urine, kidney disease patients always need to limit protein intake in daily diet, if they have not start dialysis. As kidneys are injured and kidney function is impaired, so the more protein they eat, the more protein will be released into urine. They can eat some high quality protein foods like fish, lean meat, egg white and milk in daily life. In addition, try to find out how much protein is allowed everyday.

Lastly, protein in urine or proteinuria is just a clinical symptom of kidney disease. Although it is resulted from impaired kidney function, if not controlled well, it will accelerate the progression of illness. For this reason, finding an effective method to remove protein in urine is very significant.

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