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What are the Symptoms of Kidney Shrinkage and How to Treat It

2015-02-06 17:04

What are the Symptoms of Kidney Shrinkage and How to Treat ItWhat are the symptoms of kidney shrinkage and how to treat it ? Since the underlying causes of kidney shrinkage are different, the symptoms of patients may have a little difference. However, there are symptoms which may be common for kidney shrinkage patients.

What are the symptoms of kidney shrinkage ?

Frequent urination

Painful urination

Blood urine

Nausea and Vomiting



Back pain

Skin itching

High blood pressure.

How to treat kidney shrinkage ?

Before chalking out the treatment plan, doctors needs to make clear underlying causes of kidney shrinkage. CT scan and MRI can help confirm the diagnosis. Some treatments in our hospital have achieved good effects on kidney shrinkage patients.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the most famous one, it is based on Chinese medicine, in which Chinese medicines permeate the skin and get into kidney lesion with the help of osmosis device. These medicines can dilate vessels in kidney letting more oxygen and nutrients get into kidney tissues. Some ingredients in Chinese medicine have the effect of anti-inflammation, which will decline the overactive inflammation in kidney. All these curative effects can help damaged renal cells get recovery.

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