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How to Cure Leg Cramp in Chronic Kidney Disease

2015-03-16 17:16

How to Cure Leg Cramp in Chronic Kidney DiseaseLeg cramp as one of the common symptoms of kidney disease will decrease the quality of patient life and make the patient hard to sleep. Then what is the causes of leg cramp in kidney disease and how to cure it ?

What is the causes of leg cramp in chronic kidney disease ?

Leg cramps are thought to be caused by imbalances in fluid and electrolytes, but may also be caused by nerve damage or blood flow problems. And it is likely a result of low CO2 in the bloodstream and the onset of anemia.

Generally speaking, at the early stage of Kidney Disease, patients are less likely to suffer leg cramps. From the information mentioned above, we can know that leg cramps usually happen when the impaired kidney function appears, especially when this disease fall into Renal Failure, then many complications may occur.

How to cure leg cramp in kidney disease ?

Stretch the muscle, Massage, take a hot shower or bath, wear comfortable shoes, take sodium bicarbonate under the care of your physician to ameliorate the leg cramps and stay away from all dark sodas and alcohol, all of them are helpful in relieving leg cram.

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