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Why Kidney Disease Patient Get Headache

2015-05-03 14:08

Why kidney disease patient is easy to get headache ? Headache can be induced by many factors, and it really affect the people’s life quality, especially for people with kidney disease. Knowing the reasons of it is helpful for the treatment of it, so before taking about the treatment, i will share you some common reasons of headache in kidney disease.

Why kidney disease patient get headache ?

High blood pressure is also a common complication of PKD. It can even happen when kidney functions are still normal. If high blood pressure can not be controlled well, headaches, dizzness, nausea, vomiting and insomnia may appear.

The negative emotion is an important reason of headache. Keeping a good mood is very important for patients kidney diseases.

As patients’ condition develops, renal dialysis is a common method to maintain their life. Kidney headache is one of its side effects, because a higher toxin content in the brain, dehydration and other factors.

After kidneys are damaged, less EPO will be produced which can stimulate the production of red blood cells. Additionally, dangerous levels of uremic toxins build up in body, which can shorten the life span of platelet and red blood cells significantly. Therefore, anemia is very likely to occur in kidney disease, thus leading to anemic headache.

How to treat headache in kidney disease ?

Pain killer is helpful to ease headache but it can not solve the problem from its root. So we should take measures according to the causes of it. And the best way is to find a proper treatment to cure the kidney disease, only if the disease is cured the symptoms caused by it will be cured totally.

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