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What are the Causes of Water Retention in Stage 4 CKD

2015-05-28 15:46

What are the Causes of Water Retention in Stage 4 CKDWhat are the causes of water retention in stage 4 CKD patients ? Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease is one severe condition. In this stage, kidneys are unable to filter patients’ blood normally. Water retention just indicates excessive water or fluid collects in the body. To prevent more severe kidney problems, patients should take some remedies to control their water retention.

In most cases of stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease, damaged kidneys are unable to remove water out of the body. When extra fluid builds up in the body, legs, feet, ankles, around eyelids, hands, abdomen, lung, etc, may be affected easily.

What are the causes of water retention in Stage 4 CKD ?

As introduced by nephrologists, water retention is due to two direct causes: extra fluid accumulation and a large amount of protein leakage. In fact, these two problems are attributed to severe decline of kidney function. At Stage 4 CKD, kidneys are functioning at 15%~29%.

Effective treatments to alleviate water retention for these patients

Control fluid and sodium intake. Since water retention is due to sodium and fluid retention, patients should decrease their fluid and sodium intake. Such a meal plan requires patients to eat about 1,500~2,000 mg of sodium one daily.

Elevate the affected regions. This method can prevent fluid from building up in affected regions continuously. For example, if you have leg swelling, you can elevate your legs when you sleep.

Take diuretics. For Stage 4 CKD patients, diuretics are often used to ease water retention, because diuretics can stimulate kidneys to eliminate more water, so as to ease swelling or edema.

From the above we can know kidney damage is the root cause of water retention. In view of this, patients should seek some therapies that can help improve your kidney condition effectively.

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