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Can We Treat Protein in Urine by Chinese Medicine Treatment

2016-12-11 14:08

Chronic Kidney Disease,Reduce Protein in Urine,Chinese Medicine TreatmentCan we treat Protein in Urine by Chinese Medicine Treatment? Protein in urine also named as proteinuria. Common way and treatment for this symptom of kidney disease is hormone drugs. The effect is very good in most time, but once medicine stopped that proteinuria will happen again.

Why hormone drugs can not treat protein in urine completely?

Most people should know about that hormone treatment is mainly keep focus on symptoms of patients in most time. So that for patients with obvious symptoms will get good curative effect in most time. That is due to hormone can control the symptoms on patients in short time. While keep focus on symptoms means that it can not treat for disease from the root.

We know that proteinuria is due to kidney damage and kidney function lost. Hormone can not help patients repair damage on kidneys and then the function can not be restored. After patients stop hormone treatment, that the illness condition can not be controlled well and the damage on kidneys will be more and more serious. So that proteinuria will happen again.

Can we treat protein in urine by Chinese Medicine?

Experts said that Chinese medicine can treat kidney disease from its root, that is to say, it can repair the damage and clean toxins in blood to prevent further damage on kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as a kind of effective treatment for patients with kidney disease. It is able to treat for patients through repairing kidney damage and supplying necessary nutrition for kidneys to restore kidney function. Once kidneys and function recovered that proteinuria will disappear in the end naturally.

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