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Hematuria in Kidney Disease: The Causes and Treatment

2016-12-19 17:06

Hematuria in Kidney Disease: The Causes and TreatmentHematuria is a common symptom of kidney disease, it maybe accompanied by high creatinine level. Without good control, they may induce further damage to the kidneys.

What are the causes of hematuria in kidney disease?

Normally, our kidney is responsible to filter wastes including creatine. When our glomerular basement membrane is impaired, creatinine will build up in the body and some blood red cells will leak out of kidney. At that time, high creatinine level and hematuria will occur.

In addition, hematuria may also be caused by urinary tract infections. According to the causes, patients should take different medicines.

How to treat hematuria in kidney disease?

To be frankly, the root cause of hematuria is impaired kidney, so if we want to solve it, we need to recover part of kidney function and protect the residual function from further damage.

To the kidney tissues which haven’t been damaged completely, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is able to make them recover, while to the kidney damaged completely, there is no treatment at present to make it alive again.

With the kidney function repaired, those symptoms such as creatinine level and hematuria caused by kidney damage can be alleviated gradually. If the patients’ hematuria is caused by urinary tract infection, some antibiotics are also needed. Based on patients’ specific condition, different medicines will be prescribed. Besides, a strict diet is very important for the whole treatment.

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