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How to Eliminate Protein from Urine

2013-11-28 09:58

How to Eliminate Protein from UrineHow to eliminate protein from urine? This question may confuse most people who have protein in urine. If you want to solve a question, you need to find the basic cause of this question. Therefore, before we answer the above question, we need to know the cause of protein in urine firstly. Then we can treat the protein in urine from the root.

What may cause protein in urine?

Protein is an essential nutrient for the normal function of our body, and with the circulation of blood, the protein can reach everywhere of the body. As we know, kidneys have the function of filtering blood. And the glomerulus in the kidney can protect the protein in blood from leaking out. Glomerulus contains a membrane which is called glomerular filtration membrane. The healthy glomerular filtration membrane has functions of excreting the wastes and toxins in the blood and keep the useful substances staying in the body. However, when the glomerulus is damaged, they may lose the function and protein will leak out from the filtration membrane. Then, people will have the symptom of foamy urine or proteinuria.

How to eliminate protein in urine?

There are some common treatments to eliminate protein in urine.

1.Control the protein intake

People with proteinuria should limit the protein intake. Too much protein intake will increase the burden of kidney, and it will aggravate the glomerular damage. Therefore, people should take proper protein everyday and they’d better take high quality protein foods such as milk, egg whites, meat and fish. Keep a proper diet can remit the symptom of proteinuria.

2.Take some medicine to control the proteinuria

At present, many oral medications can be applied to eliminate protein in urine, so people can take medicines to control the illness condition. But many medications cannot repair damaged filtration membrane.

3.Chinese medicine for kidney disease

From the above, we can know that the main cause of protein in urine is the damaged glomerulus. Therefore, if people want to eliminate the protein in urine from the root, they should have effective treatment to repair the damaged glomerular filtration membrane.

Here, people who have protein in urine are recommended to try Chinese medicines to eliminate protein in urine. Some Chinese medicines have no side effects and have function to repair kidney damages. Therefore, it is worthwhile for patients who want to eliminate protein from urine.


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