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How Can Chronic Kidney Disease Cause Infertility

2013-12-07 11:09

How Can Chronic Kidney Disease Cause InfertilityHow can Chronic Kidney Disease cause infertility? Once being affected by Chronic Kidney Disease, many patients may find they have problems with their sexual function. In some serious cases, they may find they are experiencing infertility. Well, will Chronic Kidney Disease cause infertility and if yes, how?

According to clinical date, over half of all people with Chronic Kidney Disease have sexual problems and the severity of it varies from case to case. Infertility refers to the inability to conceive a baby which may involve only one person or both male and female. Infertility is the most serious sexual problem and for Chronic Kidney Disease patients, they indeed run a high risk for this problem due to impaired kidney function. In general, Chronic Kidney Disease patients develop infertility due to the following several factors:

1. Kidney condition directly affects the level of reproductive hormone. When kidney function is severely impaired, the levels of reproductive hormones produced by the body will decrease, which can increase Chronic Kidney Disease patients’ risk for infertility.

2. For female patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, they may suffer from absence of demonstration and this is also a cause of female patients to have infertility.

3. Besides, kidney is an organ that can help us purify blood by removing toxins out of the body with urine. Damaged kidney can not work well, as a result of which, toxins build up in the body. High levels of toxin in the blood will affect the quality of sperm and this also can cause infertility.

There are different causes for infertility in Chronic Kidney Disease, so we need to take different measures to deal with this problem. Additional, appearance of infertility is closely related with kidney condition, so if we want to receive obvious and permanent treatment effects in treating infertility, improving kidney condition is a necessary step. As only when get the root cause removed, can problem be solved fundamentally.

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