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When Do CKD Stage 5 Patients Experience Oliguria

2013-12-13 13:36

When Do CKD Stage 5 Patients Experience OliguriaWhen do patients with CKD stage 5 experience oliguria? And what does oliguria imply? In medicine, oliguria is actually not referring to there is no urine output, but referring to the urine output within 24 hours is less than 100ml. In our daily life, aside from patients with serious kidney problem, oliguria is also very common among patients with serious heart problem or shock.

When do CKD stage 5 patients experience oliguria?

CKD stage 5 is the last stage of kidney problem. It is also commonly called ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) or kidney failure. Kidney is the organ that takes charge of producing urine and meanwhile excretes wastes produced in the body. Therefore, when kidney function affected seriously, oliguria appears.

Since kidney is responsible for producing urine, so for CKD stage 5 patients, they begin to experience oliguria when their kidneys function is unable to work properly. No urine output means there are no healthy kidney function. Under such condition, toxins build up in the blood. To clear these toxins out of the body, dialysis is usually needed. Dialysis as of now is the most commonly used blood purification method. However, when blood is purified through dialysis machine outside patient’s body, bloodstream in kidney will be seriously reduced and this is not helpful for patients to protect their residual kidney function. In that case, oliguria appears easily.

What does oliguria imply?

In an affected kidney, there are healthy, injured and necrotic kidney intrinsic cells. With the decrease of healthy kidney tissues, kidney function keeps decreasing as well and urine output keeps decreasing too. Oliguria means there are no or only a small group of healthy kidney tissues. Under such a condition, most of the kidney tissues have been necrotic or at least injured. In such a case, it is very extremely hard or impossible to get kidney function improved. Therefore, for  CKD stage 5 patients who still have urine output, they need to seize every chance to treat their kidney disease, so as to avoid oliguria, as when oliguira appears, there is no way to get their kidney improved any more.

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