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Be Careful: 12 Common Symptoms of Hidden Kidney Disease

2013-12-21 14:39

Be Careful: 12 Common Symptoms of Hidden Kidney DiseaseAs we know, kidney disease is often regarded as a silent kidney killer, because in the early stage of kidney disease, there is often no symptom. When people find they have kidney disease, they may be already in stage 3-4 kidney failure or even worse. So, it’s important for people to find some abnormal symptoms in their daily life, which will help them find the kidney disease as early as they can. Here are 12 common symptoms of hidden kidney disease, people should not ignore.

1. Changes in urination

Urine changes is the most common sign of kidney disease, as kidneys have the function of producing urine. When people get kidney disease, they may have urination changes in amount and frequency. The amount of urination may decrease or increase, and people may also get frequency urination, especially at night. Besides, people may often feel urge to urinate, but are unable when they try to have a urination.

2. Difficulty or pain during voiding

People may fell pressure or have difficulty or pain when they are voiding, this may be caused by urinary tract infections. And urinary tract infection is also a common cause of kidney disease.

3. Blood in urine

This is a common symptom that is main caused by kidney disease, and their may some other causes of blood urine. So when you find you have blood urine, you should have a urine test to find the real causes.

4. Swelling

Kidneys can remove the wastes and excess fluid in the body. When he kidneys are get damaged, the excess cant flow away, then people may get swelling in hands, ankles, feet or faces.

5. Easy fatigue and weakness

Kidneys can produce erythropoietin which can helps make red blood cells that can carry oxygen. When people get kidney disease, the kidneys cannot produce enough erythropoietin, and the red blood cells will be reduced, which may leads to anaemia. The reduced oxygen delivery to cells will cause easy weakness and fatigue.

6. Dizziness and inability to concentrate

Anaemia, which is caused by kidney disease, can also cause lack of oxygen in brain, then people may have the symptom of dizziness and trouble in concentrate.

7. Feeling cold all the time

If people get kidney disease, they may often feel cold even they are in a warm surrounding, which is also caused by anaemia.

8. Skin rash or itching

With the reduced kidney function, the wastes or toxins will build up in blood, which may cause skin rash or itching.

9. Ammonia breath and metallic taste

When the kidneys are damaged, the level of urea in the blood will be higher than normal. When the urea break down to ammonia in the saliva, it will cause urine-like breath, and people will also have this bad taste in mouth.

10. Nausea and vomiting

The wastes and toxins build up in blood will also cause the discomfort in gastrointestinal tract, which may cause people feel nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.

11. Shortness of breath

There are two common causes of shortness of breath for kidney disease patients, one is swelling in lungs,and the other is anaemia, which cause the body lack of oxygen.

12. Pain in the back or the sides

Some cases of kidney diseases will cause pain, such as kidney stones and PKD. Therefore, when you suffer from some pain in the lower back or the surrounding sides.

All these are the main symptoms of kidney disease, so people should be careful with the 12 common symptoms of hidden kidney disease. Early prevention and treatment will help kidney disease patients make good prognosis, and make them far away from kidney failure.

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