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Some Important Symptoms For Nephritis Patients

2018-10-30 08:56

When you have kidney problems you always feel some discomUrinforts in daily life,for example the poor appetite,bad sleeping and headache etc.Then you should know some symptoms about that ,then you can find the reasonable treatment methods for your kidney condition.As a kidney doctor i want to share something useful for you as following:

1. Acute attacks in patients with acute and chronic nephritis are often associated with When you have pharyngitis, tonsillitis and colds that means you have chronic or acute nephritis ,and you must go to see a doctor in time.

Therefore, urine routine should be checked when suffering from the above infectious diseases

2. To some kidney patients,for the little damage to their kidney function ,although nephritis patients do not show any special symptoms, they will suffer from fatigue, lumbago, edema of eyelids and ankles, foam in urine, abnormal urine color and other symptoms in the early stage.

Therefore, when these symptoms occur, you should check your urine routine at the hospital.

3. For the poor kidney function loses the enough secretion of hormone to control blood pressure,then some symptoms will occur about one-third of nephritis patients will have elevated blood pressure, manifested as headache, insomnia and memory loss.

If young people find blood pressure rising, they must check their urine routine, especially young patients.

4. When you feel the urine increasing at night without any other situation,you must consider about your kidney condition.Patients with chronic renal insufficiency may only show an increase in the number and volume of urine at night in the early stage.

If a healthy person doesn't drink much water before going to bed, he will not urinate more than once at night. If he has recently found himself up more than twice at night, he'd better go to the hospital to check his urine routine and kidney function.

5. Patients with moderate or above renal insufficiency often have anemia symptoms, such as dizziness, asthenia and pale complexion.

Patients with anemia, except for blood system diseases, should pay attention to whether there is chronic renal insufficiency.

6. Early uremic patients often show anorexia, nausea and skin itching.

Therefore, patients with the above symptoms, especially hypertension and anemia, must check their renal function.

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