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The Kidney Failure Patients Should Restrict Some Fruits

2018-11-13 10:49

To most kidney patients they are always restricted in diet plan,then some patients with kidney failure should eat less cantaloupe,and cantaloupe is very popular in common persons.

Cantaloupe is a fruit with high nutritional value, but its potassium content is quite high. The ability of disposal potassium is decreased due to decreased glomerular filtration rate and decreased renal tubular function in patients with renal failure in patients with renal disease. Decrease, such as eating high-potassium foods, will arising tachycardia slow, and even lead to unexpected situations.

Therefore, when the patient is oliguria it is not suitable to eat cantaloupe. Bananas are also rich in potassium. According to tests, each hundred grams of banana contains 283-472 mg of potassium. Therefore, it is not advisable to eat bananas when kidney failure oliguria

Patients with renal failure who have less than 400 ml of urine per day are oliguria, and those less than 50 ml are anuria. Oliguria and anuria period should limit foods with high potassium content.

In the later stage of renal failure, potassium retention in the body may occur. When oliguria there is no hyperkalemia. The amount of ingest of potassium salt should be adjusted to avoid exogenous ingest too much potassium leads to hyperkalemia

When the blood potassium is raised and the urine volume is reduced, less than one thousand milliliters per day, it is necessary to appropriately limit the food containing potassium. Such as various dry goods such as seaweed, mushrooms, dried dates, lily et al most vegetables such as cauliflower, rape, orange, banana, cantaloupe, all kinds of meat, potatoes, coarse grains. When the amount of urine increases and the blood potassium decreases, it is necessary to supplement potassium.

Generally, when the urine volume of patients with renal failure reaches 1,500 ml per day, this is a normal recovery stage. You can eat some fruit foods with high potassium content and can also eat cantaloupe. In general, the supplement of the potassium salt should be adjusted in time according to the blood potassium level.

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