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Abnormal Urination Symptoms May Indicate The Nephritis

2018-11-18 09:51

After the kidney function has been damaged it will influence the urination issues,some patients may have frequent urine at night or burning pain as urinating,that is the common symptoms to most kidney patients.then someone may ask if frequent micturition and urgent micturition means Nephritis.

When you find the number of night urine is more than 2 times, or the urine volume exceeds 14 percent of the whole day, the night urine of patients with severe nephritis is once an hour or several times per hour, and the urine volume is close to or exceeds the urine volume during the day, revealing such a message is called ” night urination”.

To other symptoms you may have waist soreness, leg pain, frequent urination and urgency urination, stiff and unchanging time and body always staying in the car, resulting in qi stagnation and blood stasis for many years and finally cause the nephritis.Then that indicates that you should do some appropriate exercise in your spare time,that is beneficial to your health. This is also the main symptom of nephritis.

Though there are many reasons for frequent and urgent urination, not all of which are nephritis.

First, mental factors, such as nervousness and insomnia, mostly show an increase in micturition frequency and no increase in urine volume,that means the kidney function has been influenced through endocrine system change,that is more serious than the physical damage.

Second, some problems about the urinary system, such as urinary tract infection, prostatic hyperplasia, chronic renal damage, etc. That may cause the burning pain when you urinate, you should take a urine test in time to check it.

Third, there is an increase in the amount of drained urine due to water retention in the body,for the poor kidney function can not discharge more fluid out of body ,more fluid deposit between tissues and under skins. especially when the heart function is not full – time. In addition, drinking a lot of water, drinking strong tea, coffee or taking diuretics can also cause an increase in urine volume. In clinic, frequent micturition and urgent micturition are often the early manifestations of chronic kidney damage or prostatic hyperplasia. Further diagnosis needs to go to the urology department or kidney department of the relevant hospital in order to take targeted treatment.More patients are considering the natural treatment to deal with the kidney problems,and if you want to know more about that please contact us through the following:


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