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How to Take Away Poisonous Depositions Apart From Dialysis

As more and more poisonous are aggregated in the body, the patients will endure edema, weakness, back pain or other discomforts as a consequence of the inoperative kidneys. While, how to take sway poisonous deposition apart from dialysis? 1...Read More

Is There Any Replacement Therapy to Dialysis for Nephrotic Syndrome

As a matter of fact, when the kidney is damaged so badly that can not remove undesired substances from body any more, dialysis is needed. However, more and more patients want to live away from dialysis as a result of the shortcomings of dia...Read More

Is She A Candidate for Dialysis Already with A 540 Creatinine Level

My wife has kidney problem, is she a candidate for dialysis already with a 540 creatinine level? If you have the parallel question, or want to gain more information about kidney disease and dialysis, please contact Online Doctor . What 540...Read More

Creatinine 6.7 and Urea 212 How to Prevent Dialysis

In clinical practice, the patients accompanied with creatinine 6.7mg/dl and urea 212mg/dl will have diversiform toxic matters in the body as well as some symptoms referring to edema, proteinuria, nausea, poor appetite and so on. Besides, be...Read More

Is There Any Way to Get Rid of Dialysis Taking About 5 Years Naturally

Since dialysis will make the patients go through weakness, infection, muscle cramp and other illnesses, more and more patients are eager to break away from dialysis. However, dialysis is a traditional technology to help the patients with ki...Read More

What Should Be Done to Alleviate Muscle Cramp on Dialysis

A manifestation of dialysis, muscle cramp will bring intense pain to the patients. Usually, the patients will be eased by itself within few seconds, minutes or hours. And then, what should be done to alleviate muscle cramp on dialysis? To r...Read More

Creatinine 4.4 and Vomiting, Should I take Dialysis Instantly

Patients:Good morning, doctor. I have vomiting for a week. My doctor has given me some medicines and told me that if I can not quit the vomiting in a month, I must do dialysis. My creatinine level is 4.4 and I can not bear the vomiting any...Read More

Is Dialysis the Only Option for Kidney Failure with Creatinine 9.5

When the creatinine level reached up to 9.5, dialysis will be suggested for the purpose of prolonging life in most countries. However, if the kidney failure patients are not suffering from perilous symptoms or complications, the time when t...Read More

What are Substitution Treatment to Dialysis in Kidney Function 6%

As more and more patients realize the disadvantages of dialysis, substitution treatment to dialysis is needed. Then, what are substitution treatment to dialysis in kidney function 6%? Do you clearly know that what kidney function 5% means?...Read More

Kidney Function at Twenty Percent, Will He Have to Receive Dialysis

Will he have to receive dialysis once the kidney function at twenty percent? As more and more people asked the similar questions, I write this article to give some relative information. For more news in details, please contact the Online Do...Read More