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Is It Possible for A Dialysis Patient to Recover Renal Function

Nowadays, more and more dialysis patients want to stop dialysis. But, only if the kidney can not work, the patients have to be on dialysis cyclically to alleviate symptoms and prolong their life. What is more, dialysis can lead to itching s...Read More

Is Kidney Failure with Creatinine 5.8 in Need of Dialysis

In clinical, the creatinine 5.8 shows us the kidney has been damaged seriously. So that, many doctors will suggest the patient going to dialysis in the near future. But, there are other treatments instead of dialysis to help the kidney fail...Read More

How to Alleviate Vomiting After Dialysis for CKD Patients

Hi. I have CKD, and I am been on dialysis for two years. I have serious vomiting after dialysis in recent days. Can you help me? For CKD patients, the best way to alleviate vomiting after dialysis is to stop dialysis. But can dialysis be pr...Read More

How to Treat Itching Skin with PKD After Dialysis

In many countries, the doctor will suggest the serious PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) patients to begin dialysis. As the itching skin is a common side effect of dialysis, many patients be troubled a lot with itching skin. So, the patients...Read More

How to Treat CKD with Creatinine 5.6 Without Dialysis

How to treat CKD with creatinine 5.6 without dialysis? Nowadays, more and more people have trouble with CKD due to the bad life-habits. Also, they want to find out an alternative treatment to dialysis as dialysis lead to so many adverse rea...Read More

The Natural Therapies for Dialysis Patients

In the public eye,dialysis is a commonly accepted way for improving kidney failure patients life quality. Until now,it has operated experienced and technical in current society. As every coin has two sides,there are a series of side effect...Read More

At What Creatinine Level Should Kidney Failure Patient Take Dialysis

In general, when kidney failure patient’s creatinine level over 707μmol/L(8.0mg/dl) they should seek help to dialysis, but that is not absolutely...Read More

Why Dialysis Patient will Get Shortness of Breath

As we all know, many dialysis patients will experience shortness of breath, which bring a certain uneasiness and fear for them...Read More

Fluid in Lung Caused by Kidney Problem: Can Dialysis Relieve It

The fluid in lung can be relieved through dialysis,however, dialysis can not treat the fluid in lungs from the root cause...Read More

When Should Kidney Disease Patient Take Dialysis

In general, dialysis will be recommended when the creatinine level has increased to about 707umol/L,However, if kidney disease patients have severe complications,then dialysis should be started earlier....Read More