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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Available in Albuquerque

‘Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy available in Albuquerque?’ To help individuals who have similar doubt, we provide analysis as below. ...Read More

How is Chinese Medicine Used to Treat IgA Nephropathy (IgAN)

In this article, let’s talk about this question, “How is Chinese medicine used to treat IgA Nephropathy?” ...Read More

Is There Any Alternative to Dialysis for ESRD and Creatinine 7.5

If patients with ESRD and creatinine 7.5 do not want to undergo dialysis, is there any alternative option? In the following text, let’s talk about this question....Read More

Where to Go for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in Saudi Arabia

If you are a person come from Saudi Arabia and want to take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, you’d better come to China for the long-term benefit....Read More

Can I Get Chinese Osmotherapy for PKD in United States

Many people have consulted us about this question, ‘Can I get Chinese Osmotherapy for PKD in United States?’ To explain this issue in details, we provide information as below....Read More

Kidneys are Only Functioning at 12% How to Reverse the Disease

If kidneys are only functioning at 12%, how to reverse the disease? After getting asked about this question, we provide explanation as below....Read More

Life Span of 57 Years Old with CKD Stage 4 and Diabetes

My 57 years old brother has Diabetes for the last 20 years and now at CKD Stage 4. Could you please suggest on his life span?...Read More

4.9 Creatinine Level with Diabetes Can the Disease Be Reversed

For persons with 4.9 creatinine level with Diabetes, they often wonder whether their disease can be reversed or not....Read More

Can Dialysis Help Lower High Creatinine 5.2 with Diabetes

Hello, my mother has high creatinine 5.2 in Diabetes. Could you please suggest whether dialysis can help reduce her level or not?...Read More

Is There Any Natural Remedy to Cure Bilateral Renal Cysts in China

My father is suffering from Bilateral Renal Cysts. I want to consult whether there is any natural remedy in China to help cure his disease? ...Read More