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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

What can Cause My Kidney Disease with Creatinine 1.7 or 1.9

QUESTION: I am just found today I have high creatinine level, which is either 1.7 or 1.9, but I dont know why I have kidney disease. I have high blood pressure, and it is well controlled with medicines. I also have some other diseases, and...Read More

What Should My Mother Do with Diabetic and High Creatinine Level

QUESTION: My mother is diabetic and taking insulin, and she was lately found high in creatinine level, can you tell me what does high creatinine level mean? And in my mothers condition, can you give some advices to take for her? ANSWER: I g...Read More

How can I Know that I am in stage 3 Kidney Failure

Question: How can I know that I am in stage 3 kidney disease? Answer: Chronic kidney disease is the most common kidney disease, and we often divide CKD into 5 stages, stage 3 kidney disease means the kidney function has been moderately redu...Read More

What are the Alternative Treatment for Kidney Cysts Patients

Patient: My wife had some back and side pain...a lot, so we went and had it diagnosed. It was a large kidney cyst, and she had a procedure where they inserted a tube into her side and drained the fluid and put an alcohol treatment into her....Read More

Does My Husband need to Have Dialysis with Creatinine 7

Patient: Years ago, my husband had a sore throat, then his antibodies attack his kidneys. Now, he has chronic kidney failure with the serum creatinine level 7 mg/dl. In his condition, I want to know whether he need to have dialysis or not,...Read More

Is There Any Alternative Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease

Patient: I have chronic kidney disease which is caused by my 5 years high blood pressure, and my creatinine level is 8 mg/dl. I have been on dialysis for completely one year now, and I still have 30% urination. I have to on dialysis 3 times...Read More

Is Chinese Herbs Safe for End Stage Kidney Patients

Patient: Hi, doctor. I am a kidney disease patients and I am on dialysis, and I want to find something to repair my kidney damage. So I want to know that is Chinese herbs safe for end stage kidney patients? Doctor: Hi, I am glad to help you...Read More

Prognosis and Improvements for Patients with 28% kidney function

Question : My mom was diagnosed with kidney disease, and she has only 28% kidney function now. Can you tell me the prognosis and improvements for her illness. Answer: As we know, when people get kidney disease, their kidney function will be...Read More

Chinese Medicine for IgA Patients with 40% Kidney Function

Patient : I am IgA nephropathy patient, and I was diagnosed with only 40% kidney function with my both kidneys. And my creatinine level is 1.9 mg/dl, I also have protein in urine, and the 24h urinary protein level is 77mg/dl. I want to know...Read More

Suggestions on Diet for CKD Stage 3 Patients with GFR 33

Patient: I am struggling to eat the best diet and foods to help prevent the further damage to my kidneys. I have stage 3 CKD, at 33 GFR, and I want to know exactly the best foods to eat. Doctor: Hi, I am glad to help you. From your descript...Read More