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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

What are the Alternative Treatment for Kidney Cysts Patients

Patient: My wife had some back and side pain...a lot, so we went and had it diagnosed. It was a large kidney cyst, and she had a procedure where they inserted a tube into her side and drained the fluid and put an alcohol treatment into her....Read More

Does My Husband need to Have Dialysis with Creatinine 7

Patient: Years ago, my husband had a sore throat, then his antibodies attack his kidneys. Now, he has chronic kidney failure with the serum creatinine level 7 mg/dl. In his condition, I want to know whether he need to have dialysis or not,...Read More

Is There Any Alternative Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease

Patient: I have chronic kidney disease which is caused by my 5 years high blood pressure, and my creatinine level is 8 mg/dl. I have been on dialysis for completely one year now, and I still have 30% urination. I have to on dialysis 3 times...Read More

Is Chinese Herbs Safe for End Stage Kidney Patients

Patient: Hi, doctor. I am a kidney disease patients and I am on dialysis, and I want to find something to repair my kidney damage. So I want to know that is Chinese herbs safe for end stage kidney patients? Doctor: Hi, I am glad to help you...Read More

Prognosis and Improvements for Patients with 28% kidney function

Question : My mom was diagnosed with kidney disease, and she has only 28% kidney function now. Can you tell me the prognosis and improvements for her illness. Answer: As we know, when people get kidney disease, their kidney function will be...Read More

Chinese Medicine for IgA Patients with 40% Kidney Function

Patient : I am IgA nephropathy patient, and I was diagnosed with only 40% kidney function with my both kidneys. And my creatinine level is 1.9 mg/dl, I also have protein in urine, and the 24h urinary protein level is 77mg/dl. I want to know...Read More

Suggestions on Diet for CKD Stage 3 Patients with GFR 33

Patient: I am struggling to eat the best diet and foods to help prevent the further damage to my kidneys. I have stage 3 CKD, at 33 GFR, and I want to know exactly the best foods to eat. Doctor: Hi, I am glad to help you. From your descript...Read More

Kidney Failure: How to Stop Dialysis and Improve Kidney Function

Patient: My husband has a kidney failure due to high sugar and high blood pressure, and his creatinine level is too high, so he starts dialysis. Before his dialysis is 9 and comes back to 1.5 after dialysis. He is undergoing dialysis twice...Read More

Can I Eat Oats with Kidney Disease

Patient: I was diagnosed with kidney disease, and the doctor asked me to pay attention to my illness. I want to know, can I eat oats with my kidney disease? Doctor: Oats is a common food for people, and people often put oats into their porr...Read More

Diabetic Nephropathy: How to Lower Creatinine Level 5 Without Dialysis

PATIENT: Hi, doctor. I am a diabetic patients, and my creatinine level is 5 mg/dl now. I dont have protein or blood urine, and I have small amount of swelling in ankles. I dont want to start dialysis, so I want to know whether there is anyt...Read More