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What Is the Treatment to Itching Skin for Kidney Transplant Patients

2017-05-26 12:02

What Is the Treatment to Itching Skin for Kidney Transplant PatientsFor kidney transplant patients, if they can not always take careful in the daily life, the kidney will be injured badly rapidly. Even if the patients follow all the demands, the kidney failure will come back after about 10- 20 years.

Do you know that the skin which covers the whole body is also an important tissue to eliminate the toxins? As a matter of fact, when the kidney, the main organ to clean the poisons hidden in the body, is damaged, there are more wastes driven out of body through the skin. In addition to, the skin can not replace the kidney to take effects. So that the redundant and harmful things which should be ejected by the kidney will be retained in the skin, which lead to itching skin.

Therefore, what is the treatment to itching skin for kidney transplant patients?

According to the patients’ physical conditions, many kidney transplant patients are not allowed to accept another healthy and matching kidney again. Also, it is hard to find the suitable kidney. What is more, most patients do not want to undergo the dialysis any more. Hence, can itching skin be remitted with other treatments?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Toxin-Removing Therapy.

Toxin-Removing Therapy is intended to clean up the all undesired things including the harmful anti-bodies, immune complexes and complements, excess water, phosphorus and potassium, waste products and so on. It can protect the kidney from further damage and offer a rewarding surrounding for the kidney to recover.

In the meanwhile, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help the patients improve the renal function with no obvious adverse reactions.

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