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Should I Be Concerned If I Have Creatinine 6.5 in Lupus Nephritis

‘Should I be concerned if I have creatinine 6.5 in Lupus Nephritis?’ In response to this inquiry, we provide analysis in details as below....Read More

Is 4.9 Creatinine Bad for Lupus Nephritis Patients

‘Is 4.9 creatinine bad for Lupus Nephritis patients?’ We have got asked about this question. In response to the inquiry, we provide analysis as below....Read More

GFR of 26 in Lupus Nephritis Does This Mean Dialysis

Does diagnosis of GFR of 26 in Lupus Nephritis mean dialysis? We have got asked about this question. To help people who have similar doubt, we give explanation as below. ...Read More

How Dangerous is a Creatinine of 6.3 in Lupus Nephritis

Hi, just looking around. I have been diagnosed of a creatinine of 6.3 with Lupus Nephritis. I am 38 years old, female. Can you tell how dangerous is my condition?...Read More

Kidneys Function at 17 percent in Lupus Nephritis Avoid Dialysis

For individuals who are suffering from kidneys function at 17 percent in Lupus Nephritis, they have great hope to avoid dialysis by taking timely and systematic treatment....Read More

5.54 Creatinine in Lupus Nephritis Does It Indicate Kidney Failure

Does 5.54 creatinine in Lupus Nephritis indicate Kidney Failure? In the following text, let’s talk about this question and find the answer....Read More

How to Diagnose Lupus Nephritis

Lupus Nephritis is caused by Systemic Lupus Erythematosus(SLE). It is a kind of autoimmune disease, and has the same theoretical basis with idiopathic glomerular diseases. Thereby, misdiagnosis is easy to happen. There are some differences...Read More

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