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How to Treat Lupus Nephritis with Rashes

2016-07-17 16:03

My friend is a Lupus Nephritis patient and he has got it several years, and the rashes on his skin appeared again. Can you tell me how to treat this?

How to treat Lupus Nephritis with rashes?

To be frankly, the rashes appear on the skin indicate the lupus activity is still in a progress. This disease is closely related with autoimmune disorder, and lupus activity might also lead to damage in kidneys (immune complex deposit in kidneys and lead to kidney damage). During the treatment, we need to take into consideration of side effects from chemical medicines. So, I'd prefer the patient receiving more positive treatments, in order to get lupus factor under control and to protect your kidneys from aggravation.

For cases of similar condition, we generally combine thorough blood purification technique together with traditional Chinese herbal therapies. Because these techniques can help the patient cleaning out lupus factors, inflammatory factors and other immune complexes very effectively. I believe it would be a great help to clean these rashes from the skin and relieving other symptoms caused by this disease.

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